Legal Advice


The Internet domain is owned by the Commercial Company RIVENTI FACHADAS ESTRUCTURALES, S.L.

According to the article 10 of Spanish Law 34/2002, of June 11th, of the Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce (in advance LSSICE), following are exposed the company’s identity data.

Social name: RIVENTI FACHADAS ESTRUCTURALES S.L., inscribed at the Business Register of Madrid, volume 30.889, book 0, sheet 113, section 8, page number M-555956, 1st Inscription.

CIF: B-86706371

Social Address: Calle Merindad de Valdeporres Nº 6, P.I. Villalonquejar – 09001 Burgos (Burgos – Spain).

Telephone: 947298920



The access and usage of the website confer the role of user and it involves the acceptance of each one of the conditions Included on this legal advice.

The user is obligated to use the portal correctly, according to Spanish Law 34/2002, of June 11th, LSICCE and the present Legal Advice.

Additionally, the user is answerable to RIVENTI FACHADAS ESTRUCTURALES S.L. or other third party, for any damage, which might be caused as a consequence of failing this obligation’s fulfillment.

It is completely prohibited the use of this portal with harmful intentions towards any goods or interests of RIVENTI FACHADAS ESTRUCTURALES, S.L. or any other third party.


The purpose of the contents on this website is to provide information and to preset all the services offered by RIVENTI FACHADAS ESTRUCTURALES S.L.

The company does not plead responsible of any misuse of the content included on the website, being an exclusive responsibility of the User who gains access or uses them.

It is prohibited to use the content included on the website to promote, contract, advertise or divulgate own or third party information without the authorization of RIVENTI FACHADAS ESTRUCTURALES, S.L., neither to send publicity or information, making use of the services or information available for the Users, independently of whether the use is for free or not.


All intellectual property rights, including all the content, graphic design and source code, are exclusively owned by RIVENTI FACHADAS ESTRUCTURALES, S.L. Every commercial name, brand or slogan of any kind, included on this website are, as well, legally protected.

It is prohibited the total or partial reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation without the express authorization by RIVENTI FACHADAS ESTRUCTURALES, S.L. Every commercial name, brand or slogan of any kind, included in this Web site are, as well, legally protected.


The use of certain Services and Contents offered by RIVENTI FACHADAS ESTRUCTURALES, S.L. through the website can be ruled by particular own conditions, which can complete or modify the present Legal Advice. Therefore, before using/acquiring our services, users are encourage to attentively read the Particular Conditions attached to them.


RIVENTY FACHADAS ESTRUCTURALES, S.L. reserves the right to update, modify or delete, at any moment, the information Included on the website, also its configuration or appearance, without prior information, and without assuming any responsibility for that.


RIVENTI FACHADAS ESTRUCTURALES, S.L. does not assume any responsibility or liability derived from any technical problems in the IT systems, produced during the internet connection, as well as any damage that might be caused by a third party by means of an illegitimate intromission out of RIVENTI FACHADAS ESTRUCTURALES S.L.‘s control.

Riventi also exonerates itself from any responsibility over any damage on the user due to errors, defects or omission in the information provided when this coming from external sources,

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