Encabezamiento Guillermo y Adelaido


Riventi History

A reference Company

Riventi Fachadas Estructurales is a company with a long history in the special façades design, manufacture and assembly. Riventi is based in Burgos (Spain) since 2000, although its trajectory goes a long time back, to the professional beginnings of its forefather and founder, Adelaido Rilova Bustillo.

Responsible for important projects such as the Colón Towers in Madrid among others, Adelaido has always been anxious to know and investigate the latest advances in the sector, develop new systems and create its own company. All these aspirations were completely fulfilled, when in 2008, along with his son, Guillermo Rilova, and under his own signature, Riventi, the Isozaki Towers in Bilbao, pioneers in the use of a unique modular curtain wall in the world with the integration of carpentry practicable towards the interior.

Riventi has never abandoned his passion for innovation, and in 2016 launches AMPLITUDE, a large window with a new bearing system developed and built in by Guillermo Rilova, undoubtedly heir to the concern of his father to be always at the sector forefront.

Technical excellence, creativity and commitment

Badges of our technical team

Our continuous innovation process would not be possible without our collaborators’ and employees’ experience, a great human team consisting of individuals with great knowledge, wide experience and trustworthy working methods. A team whose fundamental values are technical excellence, creativity and commitment to the best possible professional performance, while keeping all the demands in mind, from the economical to the technical, social or environmental.

Our meticulous working methodology and great technical skills have provided the firm with a solid project management reputation, being capable of adequately facing large projects such as “The City of Justice “ in Las Palmas or Ibiza’s Hospital. Riventi is a leading curtain-wall firm, associated to the construction of singular buildings under the direction of internationally acknowledged architects, such as Isozaki Towers in Bilbao, the Human Evolution Complex by Juan Navarro Baldeweg or Gamesa Eolica’s Headquarters by Patxi Mangado in Navarra.

Our great capacity to adapt to the technical demand of the latest designs has given us the leading role in our sector. We continuously add innovative solutions that integrate a broad range of materials.